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Hello, friend!

First, I want to thank you for clicking through to this page, and for reading onward. The constant news, noise, takes, and clickbaits can be exhausting these days. You being in this space and taking time out of your day to hear from me - it means a lot. Thank you.

Reader - if you feel as I do, that these calamitous times call for bold and sweeping challenges to systems that we've long upheld as normal - I ask that you consider joining me in demanding change, in standing against systemic racism and injustice within our youth incarceration system.

This year for my birthday, I am participating in RISE for Youth's Virtual Justice Parade to go the #ExtraMileForYouthJustice.

RISE is leading a grassroots movement that I have been proud to partner with through my work since January of this year. A Black-led, advocacy and equity-focused organization based in Richmond, Virginia, RISE is committed to dismantling the youth prison model by promoting the creation of community-based alternatives to youth incarceration.

Did you know? Virginia's youth incarceration system is racist, wasteful, and doesn't work.

  1. Racist: Young people of color make up only 43% of the intake population admitted to the Department of Juvenile Justice custody, but they account for over 70% of the commitments to the system.
  2. Wasteful: Nearly 40% of the state’s Juvenile Justice budget goes toward confining youth in two statewide juvenile prisons, even though these prisons only serve 10% of total youth within the system.
  3. Doesn't work: For every year spent in a youth prison in Virginia, a young person’s probability of being arrested for another crime when released increases by nearly a third.

What's more, the two aforementioned juvenile prisons are located 100+ miles from high-commitment areas like Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. Youth whose families cannot visit them during visitation hours have to pay between $5 and $10 just to call their families. These youth make an average of between 35 and 50 cents an hour in their institutional work programs...we can do better than this, right?

Yes, Virginia can do better.

RISE for Youth is leading a movement that is powered by and for our youth of color, centered on justice, equity, and restoration. They have an ambitious legislative agenda that calls for immediate, evidence-based solutions acutely focused on remedying our broken youth incarceration system. Recently, their Healthy Communities Secure Care Legislation has built significant momentum, earning the endorsement of ACLU-VA, the NAACP of Virginia, Virginia Organizing, Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance, The Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis, Justice Democrats and NOVA Equity Agenda Coalition.

Ultimately, RISE seeks the closure of Virginia’s two juvenile prisons, and a complete re-investment of funds into evidence-informed, community-based alternatives. As a lifelong Virginian, and one who has observed a political and cultural shift statewide, it is apparent to me that RISE's initiative to wield new power in Virginia's legislative center is arriving right on time. For this reason, I'm excited to be a part of the movement, and for you to join me (click here to learn more about RISE).

As I enter my 29th year, I ask that you stand with me in solitude as we help RISE build on its momentum to affect systemic change. Any amount you can invest will go far in supporting their advocacy efforts, public education, and continued impact...and your support will mean the world to me.

Can I count on you?